• Songbeat Gets A Second Life As Excellent Music App With Uncertain Future

    I liked Songbeat the minute I started using it. First released as a desktop app for Seeqpod back in January 2008, the upgraded version that was introduced nearly 12 months after that not only made searching for music extremely simple but also offered an excellent way to download tracks to your computer. And like Seeqpod, it was also an easy way to obtain copyrighted material from the many… Read More

  • Lawsuits Galore: Songbeat Silenced For Now, Won't Go Down Without A Fight

    With a comic message on its website saying that the service has gone away to enter the 36 Shaolin Chambers of Software Kung Fu but will return stronger, music discovery application Songbeat lets its visitors know that it has received a first blow in court after Warner Music (and other music labels) sued the German startup for enabling users to stream and download music without… Read More

  • Warner Music Slaps Songbeat With Lawsuit

    Who didn’t see this one coming? When we first reviewed Songbeat, a simple desktop application for playing and discovering music on the net, we liked the product but were interested in what the music industry would have to say about it. The updated version released last December was even better, but we were still critical of its chances for survival. Songbeat essentially allows you to… Read More

  • Songbeat Makes Searching For Music Online Really Simple

    There’s a new version of Songbeat, a simple but powerful desktop application for discovering music online, and I like it. When it was first released earlier this year, the client only enabled you to search for music online using Seeqpod, but the updated version lets you search more engines at once and also lets you easily play, export and download songs. The music industry will be… Read More

  • The Music Industry's Going to Love This: Desktop Client for SeeqPod Released

    A new desktop application called Songbeat has been released that allows you to search the web for MP3s using Seeqpod technology, stream those MP3s, and even download them. Seeqpod, which we covered alongside Skreemr and Songza, is a search engine for MP3s that are hosted across on the internet. Whereas with Skreemr, you can actually click on a link to download a track, SeeqPod only displays… Read More