Songbeat Gets A Second Life As Excellent Music App With Uncertain Future

<img src="" width="215" height="74" />I liked <a href="">Songbeat</a> the minute I star

Lawsuits Galore: Songbeat Silenced For Now, Won't Go Down Without A Fight

<img src="" alt="" />With a comic message on its website saying that the service has gone away to enter the 36 Shaolin Chambers of So

Warner Music Slaps Songbeat With Lawsuit

<img src="" alt="" />Who didn't see this one coming? When we first reviewed <a href="">Songbeat</a>, a

Songbeat Makes Searching For Music Online Really Simple

<img src='' /> There's a new version of <a href="">Songbeat</a>, a simple but powerful desktop applicatio

The Music Industry's Going to Love This: Desktop Client for SeeqPod Released

A new desktop application called Songbeat has been released that allows you to search the web for MP3s using Seeqpod technology, stream those MP3s, and even download them. Seeqpod, which we covered al