An iDay Retrospective With Snarky Captions

Mr. Spike Lee came out to support the Keep A Child Alive foundation. We know he’s just trying to get one himself. Nicholas and I looked to escape the chaos that is the 5th Avenue Apple store in

iPhone Launch at Apple Store in SoHo

It’s here! Heaven’s gates—the Apple Store in SoHo—opened at 6 p.m. EDT, whereupon a half dozen people at a clip were allowed entry. Peter and I were there and we got to see Spi

Only Trendy People are Allowed to Line Up at SoHo Apple Store

Nuts to the Apple store on Fifth Avenue. The Apple store in SoHo is where it’s at. (And, incidentally, where Peter and I will be for the actual launch. Woo!) The line wraps all the way around th

NYC's Helio Flagship Store Coming Soon

Helio’s newest flagship store has been spotted in NYC’s uber-trendy Soho. I’ve been watching the progression of this storefront for the last few months and it wasn’t until about three weeks ag