Modular sofa startup Burrow raises $14M

We’ve described Burrow as a startup thatĀ brings a Casper-style approach to sofas, so perhaps it’s no surprise that the company has raised funding from one of Casper’s investors. Bur

Burrow raises $4.3M for its modular sofa

Burrow, a startup bringing a Casper-style approach to manufacturing and delivering sofas, is announcing that it has raised $4.3 million in seed funding. This might not sound like the most obvious area

Old sofa hides pool table underneath cushions

<img src="" alt="sofa" />If you're severely limited on space and you can't stand the thought of NOT having a snooker table, here's a couch wit

Convertible web surfing loveseat

<img src="">The Calypso by designer Brandon Allen takes the concept of the futon, updates it to the year 2009