• SnapNames Gets Hit With Class Action Suit Over Shill Bidding

    Some things in life are a certainty. Death. Taxes. Lawsuits. An example: If you steal from your customers for half a decade and then force them to sign a no-lawsuit agreement before you give them their money back, you’re going to get sued. And that’s exactly what happened to SnapNames. Last week the company admitted that an executive has been bidding on auctions for domain… Read More

  • SnapNames: Apologies Shouldn't Be Conditional, Especially When You Steal From Customers

    Earlier this week the domain name industry was rocked by a shill bidding scandal at SnapNames. The company made the right early moves by admitting the problem and promising refunds, plus interest, to customers. Now, though, they are forcing customers to release them from liability to get the refund. We think this this is a mistake. SnapNames acquires expiring domain names from registries and… Read More

  • Domain Industry Rocked By Shill Auction Bidding Admission

    Anyone who doesn’t know how dirty the domain name business is just doesn’t know the domain name business. People pay exorbitant sums to acquire domain names, put Google or Yahoo ads on the parked pages, and collect the advertising fees. They often buy and sell individual domains and portfolios with other domain squatters. But the real feeding frenzy is around deleting domains… Read More

  • Domain Industry Intrigue; Gets Hosed

    The domain name industry is all abuzz today (or will be soon) with the launch of a new service called NameJet. The service will compete in the $75 million/year “deleting domain name” business – when someone doesn’t renew a domain name it goes through a lengthy expiration process and is eventually spit back out to the market. 25,000 domains delete daily on average, and… Read More