snake oil

  • Noise cancelling headphones without electronics? I'll believe it when I hear it

    ZEM headphones are a new product created by an audio researcher, who claims to have come up with a noise cancellation technique that doesn’t require specialized electronics in order to work. This makes the headphones lighter and cheaper, but sometimes products like this oversell and under deliver. Read More

  • Finally! An anti-radiation sticker for phones!

    If you’ve been worried about getting too much electromagnetic radiation from your cell phone, you can finally take off that tinfoil hat! A Belgian firm has announced that they have finally created a gadget that blocks your phone’s harmful rays, or “signal.” Supposedly, their little dime-sized sticker will emit “a quantum physical information wave” to… Read More

  • VIBE machine: Fools and money soon parted, sadly dead

    While there are plenty of alternative remedies for testicular cancer – St. John’s Wort, Rolfing, going to the freaking doctor and having him cut the cancer out – none are quite as ridiculous as the VIBE machine, a Vibrational Integration Bio-Photonic Energizer. Like an audiophile’s snake-oil “power conditioner,” the VIBE machine is supposed to get your… Read More

  • Acoustic System Phase Corrector: Correct energy pockets that make Fleetwood Mac's "Everywhere" sound like a badger vomiting

    Do you have energy pockets near your deflanged tweeter? Are you franules kurrated and your green graphite isotonic cones remolding your audio energy? Pure Music has something for you. Their Acoustic System Phase Corrector, made of instrument grade maple, will improve your overall listening experience by dissipating and disrupting the Marshall’s Angle of Attack of your audio strancule. Read More