• India's "Twitter" SMS GupShup Grows To 26 Million Users, Eyes Expansion To Southeast Asia

    India is a huge market for social networks, with Facebook, Orkut and even Twitter vying for a share of the growing number of web users who are increasingly flocking to social networks in their day-to-day routines. One Indian social network is seeing considerable success on a different platform: mobile. SMS GupShup, a Twitter-like service in India that is primarily accessed via SMS, has grown… Read More

  • SMSGupShup (India's "Twitter") Grows To 20 million Users, $150,000/month Revenue

    SMSGupShup, a Twitter-like service in India, is getting a ton of buzz over here in the U.S., too. In an interview with CEO Beerud Sheth now says the service now has 20 million users (and that’s without an appearance on Oprah), nearly all of which are in India. That’s up from 7 million late last year. The service can only be accessed via SMS, which works just fine for India’s… Read More

  • Webaroo Raises A $10 Million Round For SMSGupShup

    Webaroo Technology has raised a $10 million round of funding for their product SMSGupShup, an SMS-based community site in India, according to The round, the third for the company, was co-led by Helion Venture Partners and Charles River Ventures. SMSGupShup is a community site that enables users to join groups according to their interests and receive updates through their mobile… Read More