• USB Motion Skull

    Exhibit: Ritual Skull Circa 2009
    Marked “Brandu” [?-2010]
    Materials: Plastic and electronic parts (pre-Quantum)
    This example of early 21st century religious accoutrement points to an odd sect of skull worshippers based both in modern Australasia/Japanese Republic and in the former United States of America. The skull contains a small light and a “sensor” without 3D… Read More

  • Skullphone shows up on LA digital billboard

    You know I love me some skulls. LA-based artist Skullphone fooled some folks into thinking he had hacked into 10 Clear Channel billboards in LA, but CC clarified and said he paid to get himself up there. It only ran for two days. Anyone in LA see it in person? via Laughing Squid Read More

  • Skull shaped floppy disk

    I have a weird obsession with skulls. I don’t quite understand it nor do I wish to understand it. I like them and that’s that. Here we have a floppy disk shaped into a skull. 213. Floppy Skull v2.0 [Skulladay] Read More

  • This Toaster Is So Metal, It Has A Skull AND Crossbones

    When I first saw this device, I was utterly convinced that blood and drop D tuning must pour out of it on an “as-needed” basis. Then I realized that it was just a toaster and proceeded to procure some bread. See, this just isn’t any toaster – this is a toaster that puts a skull and crossbones on every slice of bread you toast. It’s funky, niche, and oozes… Read More