• From NTT's Showroom In Tokyo: Futuristic Remote Collaboration Apparatus "t-Room"

    Here’s the fourth (and final) demo I witnessed at NTT‘s showroom “Note” [JP] in Tokyo: a futuristic apparatus for remote collaboration and education called “t-Room” [PDF]. While NTT’s Home ICT system, the telemedicine technology, and the digital signage system (now with one more video) were quite impressive, the t-Room certainly boasts the biggest… Read More

  • Video Gallery: 4 Futuristic Technologies From Japan's NTT

    Here’s a summary of a series of articles I posted over at CrunchGear earlier this week. The occasion: as the first international blogger, I was guided through a special tour of Japanese telecommunications giant giant NTT‘s showroom NOTE [JP] in Tokyo (where I live) last week. And I can confirm they do have some pretty cool tech. The showroom offers demonstrations for over a dozen… Read More

  • From NTT’s Showroom In Tokyo: Next-Generation Telemedicine Technology (Video)

    The third demo I witnessed at telecommunications giant NTT‘s showroom “Note” [JP] in Tokyo last week revolved around telemedicine, the concept of sending audio, video and other data through a network for remote medical consulting, diagnosis or examination. NTT’s offering is currently being used by 19 institutions in Japan. Read More

  • From NTT's Showroom In Tokyo: Next-Generation Digital Signage System (Videos)

    Here’s the second demo I witnessed at NTT‘s showroom “Note” [JP] in Tokyo: an “intelligent” digital signage system that actually holds the potential to offer value not only to advertisers but to users as well. We have shown you many such systems in the past (including one cool model from NTT), but this one’s a bit different. Read More

  • Video: CrunchGear Visits NTT's Futuristic Showroom "NOTE" In Tokyo

    Living in Tokyo has its advantages. One of them is to get invited (as the first non-Japanese blogger) to make a tour through the showroom of NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.), one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world (195,000 employees). The showroom, dubbed NOTE [JP], offers some pretty cool, futuristic technologies. And thankfully, NTT let me capture some of… Read More