Understanding The $100 Million Search For Intelligent Alien Life

The search for microbial life continues to be a high priority for Congress and NASA, while the search for intelligent life is left fighting for scraps. Milner’s $100 million investment changes all o

Distributed Computing Project: Climate Change Is Responsible For All The Flooding

Whether or not you believe the hype from global warming, there’s new research out this week that’s pretty convincing. A couple papers released this week in Nature show that extreme weather

School estimates $1m to remove SETI@home software

<img src="" alt="i-want-to-believe" />One overzealous IT worker. One school. One chance to run up your ratings on the SETI@Hom

D-Wave using large scale software to prove that its quantum computer is real

<img src="" alt="dwavee" /> Oh, D-Wave. The Canadian quantum computer company—excuse me, the <a HREF="