security robot

  • Meet An9-PR, the cutest multi-purpose robot out there

    Japan-based security company ALSOK has developed an adorable robot [JP] that fulfills not one but a number of different functions. The so-called An9-PR can be used as a guide to help people in shopping centers or office buildings, an autonomously moving digital signage system or for surveillance. It’s the big brother of the An9-RR, which was introduced back in March. It features a… Read More

  • Meet the Tmsuk T-34, a mini robocop on four wheels

    Tokyo-based robot maker Tmsuk and security firm Alacom [JP] jointly developed the “T-34,” a compact patrol and security robot that can launch a net to catch intruders. As this is a Japanese robot, it goes without saying it’s controllable via cell phones. Read More