Recommendation Ventures And IceTV Team For TV Suggestions

Recommendation Ventures, the company behind social music and video recommendations service Scouta has signed a new deal with EPG provider IceTV to provide intuitive content recommendations to IceTV us

Australian Startup Carnival Highlights Antipodean StartUps

The results of the Australian Startup Carnival were announced Sunday, and as a judge I had the opportunity to review every entry. The carnival was entry based, so not every Australian startup was feat

Scouta Releases Windows Client that Recommends Media Using iTunes

Scouta releases today a Windows client for generating video and audio recommendations based on the podcasts and videocasts in a user’s iTunes collection. This release comes just over a month aft

ICCARUS: Three Dimensional Data Visualization is a new service created by social music and video recommendations startup Scouta. It creates a three dimensional visualization of the data behind a soci

Scouta Brings Recommendations To iTunes

Social music and video recommendations startup Scouta has today launched free Mac software that automatically provides social recommendations for iTunes, iPods, iPhones, and the Apple TV. Scouta launc

Web Sheriff DMCA's Scouta Over YouTube Content Uploaded By Warner Music

Online music recommendation and sharing site Scouta has received a DMCA notice from IP enforcement group Web Sheriff, demanding that a White Stripes video hosted on YouTube and displayed on Scouta, be

Scouta Media Recommendations: Soon in iTunes

Scouta is a new service that has recently launched that recommends audio and video content to members of the site based on content that they are interested in. Scouta has indexed content across a wide