BuzzFeed Is The Future (Whether It Lives Or Dies)

It's time for a little inside baseball! Be still your beating hearts. But admit it: secretly you want to know about the success/failure of the myriad news sources whose stories flit disconnectedly

Android vs. iOS Development: Fight!

The eternal startup question "Android or iOS first?" grows ever thornier, with <a href="

Google Plus Is Like Frankenstein’s Monster

Your humble correspondent begs your indulgence for this flu-fuelled stream-of-consciousness post, but deadlines wait for no virus, so needs must I expel the contents of my febrile mind onto this scree

Can BuzzFeed Be Stopped?

It's been a good week for old media. <i>The Guardian</i>, <i>The Washington Post</i>, <i>The New York Times</i>, and <i>The Wall Street Journal</i> have all done a superb job of reporting on the NSA/P

It’s The End Of The News As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Their downside to pet projects is that they invariably teach you something you didn't really want to know. This time, it was that most of the people who do what I do are doomed. Let me explain. Mostl