Pittsburgh’s Kerf Cases enrobes your phone in fine wood

One iPhone case is much like the other unless it’s made of figured walnut wood from a retired woodworker in California and feels like the surface of a finely-sanded and well-made piece of antiqu

Credit crunch, schmredit crunch:Saw video game cancelled

At least one good thing has come as a result of the current financial meltdown. A video game that was based on the movie Saw has been put on hold, with publisher Brash Entertainment pulling the plug.

Laserkerf II: A laser miter saw guide that might actually work

Miter saw laser guides tend to be more sizzle than steak but the Laserkerf II might actually work. The beam illuminates where the blade is actually going to cut and even indicates the kerf’s wid

Video: Water-powered CD blade spinning thing

[youtube] Exactly why you’d want a water-powered and, in turn, CD-powered blade thing, I don’t know. I do know that it m