saitama university

  • Video: Robotic Wheelchair Automatically Follows Human Companion

    This is pretty cool: a robotic wheelchair that automatically follows a human companion without the person sitting in the wheelchair having to do anything. Just like the Museum Guide Robot we’ve shown you earlier today, the robo wheelchair is the brain child of Saitama University‘s Human-Robot Interaction Center. Read More

  • Video: Intelligent Museum Guide Robot

    We’ve shown you multiple guide robots coming out of Japan in recent months, but this new one is specialized in helping out in museums. The unnamed robot was developed by researchers at Saitama University near Tokyo and is supposed to be more “intelligent” than similar models. Its makers say they managed to boost his communication skills by crossing robotics with sociology. Read More

  • Great King Kizer: Robot Sitting In Wheelchair

    It’s no secret Japan is betting high on robots to tackle future health care problems in its rapidly graying society. But robots sitting in wheelchairs is an entirely new idea, as just demonstrated at ROBOTECH 2010 in Tokyo. Read More