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Columbus-based Tribevest bags $3M for its collaborative investing platform

Tribevest founder Travis Smith went on a fishing trip with his brothers in 2008 that he says they couldn’t afford. It was then that he realized their “good jobs with 401(k)s” would never be enou

An inside look at the startup behind Ashton Kutcher’s weird tweets

Guy Oseary's latest undertaking, Community, nurtures celebrity-fan relationships through text.

SuperPhone is building a Salesforce for texting

The address book is the last, worst default app you rely on. It's time it got as smart as the rest of our phones. That's the idea behind SuperPhone. Email isn't how you build relationships anymore. Ye

Rapper and founder Ryan Leslie explains why his latest music isn’t on streaming services (for now)

If anyone wants to text Ryan Leslie and have a one-on-one conversation with a big-deal rapper, here's his number: 646-887-6978. That's not a secret. Leslie shares the number publicly and encourages

Ben Horowitz backs rapper Ryan Leslie’s SMS commerce startup Superphone

Ryan Leslie gave every fan his phone number. It’s (646) 887-6978. But instead of a million unwanted phone calls, it’s making him money and giving him deeper intelligence about his listener

How Limited Edition Scarves Fit Into Ryan Leslie’s Plans To Take His Music Straight To Fans

In <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2014/11/11/taylor-swift-was-on-track-to-make-6m-this-year-on-spotify-says-ceo-daniel-ek/">the recent debates</a> about how the business model for musicians and other