• RoundPegg, The eHarmony For Jobs, Not So Harmonious With eHarmony (Humor)

    When we recently wrote about a round of funding raised by RoundPegg, we dubbed it the ‘eHarmony for jobs’ in the article headline. eHarmony was none too pleased and actually wrote an email to us saying that the use of the name ‘eHarmony’ in such a manner could lead to genericization of the brand. Which tempts us to do it more often, of course. Anyway, we were almost… Read More

  • RoundPegg Raises $1.27 Million To Be The eHarmony For Jobs

    Job hiring startup RoundPegg has raised $1.27 million in new funding led by Access Venture Partners with Croghan Investments participating. RoundPegg is a graduate of the TechStars class of 2010. RoundPegg is essentially a eHarmony for jobs. The site aims to match employers and potential employees based on personality and culture matches as well as skills and experience. Founder Tim Wolters… Read More

  • TechStars Launches 11 New Startups In Boulder

    Editor’s note: The following report comes from Don Dodge, who blogs at Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing and is a Developer Advocate for Google. TechStars is a seed accelerator program that selects about ten companies a year and provides funding of $18,000 per team, as well as support and mentorship. Dodge covered the last Boulder TechStars class in August, 2009 when six companies… Read More