• Can Brands Tell A Story In Six Seconds Or Fewer? Ritz, Dove And Trident Think So

    Can Brands Tell A Story In Six Seconds Or Fewer? Ritz, Dove And Trident Think So

    Whenever a new platform launches these days, brands are instantly checking them out to see how they can “become a part of the conversation.” What that really means is how they can use a site like Twitter, or its new app Vine, to get your eyeballs, interact with you and, of course, sell you more stuff. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s commerce at its purest. The… Read More

  • Ritz Camera: a lesson in clearance sales

    It’s amazing that we haven’t heard anything about the Ritz Camera fire sales after Circuit City’s failed attempt. That’s probably ’cause there are actually deals to be had at the closing stores. The company announced a while ago that nearly 50% of the stores will be closing and the sales would start shortly afterward. I happened to walk by my local store in Flint… Read More

  • Ritz Camera closing 300 stores, sales start April 4

    Ritz Camera will close almost 50% of its stores in a move to reorganized after a court-supervised bankruptcy. The closing will leave 400 stores in the U.S. Ritz was one of the first and finest camera chains but, as we all know, these chains are about as useful now as a dinosaur with a buggy whip. Online news sources provide most of the camera advice we need and online stores make it easy to… Read More

  • Eye-Fi to get 'Smart Boost', inks deal with Ritz Camera

      Eye-Fi has announced that its Wi-Fi SD cards will get a “Smart Boost” update on February 12th. With Smart Boost, your card will be able to tell whether or not your computer is on and in range of your camera and, if it is, photos will be offloaded from your camera to your computer over your home network and then your computer will handle the heavy lifting of uploading the… Read More