• Rippol Launches Lightweight Version Of Video Discovery Engine

    Rippol, the video discovery engine that combines both complex algorithms with user suggestions to surface interesting content, has tweaked its interface slightly to provide users with a lightweight version of the site when browsing. After receiving feedback post-launch, Rippol decided to adjust the settings of the site to not require users to login or register with the site to view… Read More

  • Hulu Gets Ripped Out Of Rippol

    We’ve seen in the past year that Hulu gets testy about their video content being used on other sites or platforms, with Boxee and both forced to remove Hulu content from their sites and applications. Now startup Rippol is facing the same fate. Rippol just publicly launched their video discovery sites at yesterday’s Real-Time CrunchUp, which combines both complex algorithms… Read More

  • Rippol's Video Discovery Engine Launches To The Public

    Rippol, the video discovery site that combines both complex algorithms with user suggestions to surface interesting content, has launched to the public at today’s RealTime CrunchUp. We recently took an in-depth look at the service, but for those who haven’t seen it yet, here’s a recap: Rippol looks at your video watching activity on the site, as well as that of your friends… Read More

  • The Realtime Agenda For The Realtime CrunchUp

    Over the past few weeks, it’s definitely been crunchtime as we’ve been putting together the panels and demos for our Realtime CrunchUp on November 20 in San Francisco. Get your tickets here. After much back and forth, and with the help of our Realtime Board, we finally have an agenda we are very excited to present (see below). Speakers will include Twitter COO Dick Costolo… Read More

  • New Video Discovery Site Promises To Make a Rippol In The Stream (1,000 Beta Invites)

    The last thing the world needs is another video site, right? Well, that’s not stopping Aaron Crayford, who convinced a bunch of his supercomputer engineer buddies to put together Rippol, a video discovery site that blends hardcore machine learning with social streams. Rippol (not to be confused with rrripple, the media sharing site) is coming out of stealth today into private beta. Be… Read More

  • Microsoft Reports Pre-Windows 7 Declines For Revenues And Profits. No More Excuses.

    Microsoft announced another down quarter this morning. Revenues in the September quarter were down 14 percent to $12.92 billion, and net profits declined even further to $3.57 billion, or $0.40 a share. The consensus estimate was $0.32, so Wall Street is happy and the shares are rallying (up 10 percent in early-morning trading). Investors will forgive the poor performance coming out of… Read More