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  • Apple TV: $99 in U.S. 119€ in Europe?

    Okay so you want to buy Apple TV but you are in Europe. You got used to the fact that in Europe everything costs the same in the Apple Store as in its brother in the U.S. just in Euros which is like a lot more. Not any more. The Apple TV in Europe costs MORE than in the U.S. It costs 119€  ($152). You would think that you actually get more or at least the same stuff right? Well, no. No… Read More

  • The Futurist: Today's Phone Companies = The New Ma Bell

    Considering that most people these days go through a cell phone in a time frame shorter than the human gestation period, it may be hard to believe that there was a time when phones were primarily an item you rented from the phone company. Every once in awhile, we hear about a Renter — typically an elderly person — whose adult children discover AT&T has been charging them as… Read More