Richard Plepler

Former HBO exec Richard Plepler signs exclusive production deal with Apple TV+

Nearly a year after stepping down as chief executive of HBO, Richard Plepler and his production company Eden Productions have signed a five-year deal with Apple TV+. Plepler started at HBO back in 199

HBO’s former CEO said to be in talks with Apple TV+ for an exclusive production deal

The man who oversaw the creation of some of HBO’s most highly praised “prestige TV” could soon be making shows for Apple TV+, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal.

AT&T’s new streaming service HBO Max arrives in 2020, will be the exclusive home of ‘Friends’

AT&T’s acquisition of HBO goes beyond just offering premium TV programming — the company revealed on Tuesday that it’s going to call its new WarnerMedia streaming service HBO Max

CEO Richard Plepler is leaving HBO

Richard Plepler, who’s been at HBO since 1992 and served as CEO since 2013, is leaving the network. In a staff memo, Plepler didn’t offer specific reasons for his departure but said, &#822

HBO’s Richard Plepler Weighs In On Game Of Thrones Piracy, Says ‘Maybe’ On Broadband-Only HBO

When TechCrunch attended the San Francisco premiere of <em>Game of Thrones</em> Season 3, we didn't <em>just</em> <a href="">ask the