• Bookpocalypse: Adult Fiction eBook Sales Now Greater Than Hardcover Revenue

    Bookpocalypse: Adult Fiction eBook Sales Now Greater Than Hardcover Revenue

    If you couldn’t tell from the massive e-sales of a tale about a young lady who loves to love the wrong man, ebooks are massively popular, doubling in 2011 to completely surpass sales of hardcover adult fiction. The Book Industry Study Group released their poll of 2,000 publishers yesterday, announcing that book sales declined 2.5 percent in 2011, down to $27.2 billion from $27.9 in 2010. Read More

  • Morgan Stanley report shows that teens don't use Twitter, don't buy music (but still go to the movies)

    There’s a fantastic report coming out of Morgan Stanley that analyzes the way teens consume media in this day and age. The source was a 15-year-old boy; he interns at the company. The results will the music industry, make Hollywood very happy indeed, and put to bed the notion that everyone is head over heels in love with Twitter. Read More

  • Bloops! Motorola loses $3.6 billion

    Motorola lost $3.6 billion last quarter with revnue of $7.14 billion, 26 percent down from the same time last year. The biggest decline was in mobile phones with a 51 percent decline in revenue. Read More

  • MacBooks ruling 33% of US notebook roost

    Well isn’t that nice: 33% of people surveyed by ChangeWave who intended to buy a laptop in the next 90 days would pick an Apple. Most interestingly, they’d probably pick up a MacBook Pro rather than an entry level machine. Read More

  • Apple Climbs To Third Place In US Desktop Market

    Gartner and IDC have reported that Apple has climbed to third place in the US desktop market, with a market share of approximately 7.8 to 8.5%. Worldwide, Apple has yet to crack the top 5 spots, but in the USA Apple has finished almost tied for third place with Acer (the new merged Acer-Gateway). Dell retains top spot in the USA with 31.9% of the market, and HP is in second place with… Read More

  • The DVRs are Coming

    If you’re the kind of person who’s reading a blog like this one, chances are pretty decent you’ve gotten yourself a handy DVR. You know, like a TiVo or the new digital boxes Comcast hands out. And you’re not alone: according to the Carmel group, in just 3 years 50% of those with cable TV will also have a DVR, and that number is expected to rise in the future. Of course… Read More

  • 8GB iPhone Costs Apple $265.83

    According to iSuppli Corp, who are experts at figuring out exactly how much consumer electronics cost companies to build, the bill for the components that make up Apple’s 8GB iPhone comes to $265.83–a profit margin of about 55 percent. Of course, that doesn’t include important things like marketing and advertising costs, R&D costs, royalties, and licensing fees, all of… Read More

  • Looks Like The iPhone Needs Some Pizzazz

    I’m sure plenty of you are still excited about the iPhone, but when the end of June rolls around, will you buy one? It’s not looking likely according to a recent Markitecture poll. Out of 1300 people surveyed, only 6% said they were “likely to purchase the iPhone” when it comes out. The reason? Mostly the price and having to deal with a contract/specific carrier. Ouch! Read More