• Teach Siri To Interact With RememberTheMilk

    This isn’t a new trick – and you could probably use the same technique to push reminders to any CalDAV-compliant system, but the folks at to-do list makers RememberTheMilk have gotten reminders to pop up automatically online. Read More

  • Gmail's New Gadget Support Lets You Remember The Milk

    Last week Google announced a new set of gadgets for Gmail Labs that offer integration with Docs and Google Calendar. But perhaps most exciting (and under-emphasized at the time) was the introduction of support for third party gadgets, giving users the chance to add features to Gmail beyond what Google offers. One of the first developers to take advantage of the new feature is Remember The… Read More

  • Do More: Online To Do Lists Compared

    Time is our most valuable commodity. Productivity pays. Procrastination costs us time and money, and leaves us stressed, exhausted and unreliable in the eyes of others. For many, the classic “To Do” list is the remedy. But for heavy web users, there are a number of recently launched to-do list products to choose from, with convenient sharing and other features, and easy to use… Read More

  • RememberTheMilk To Do Lists

    Company: Rememberthemilk
    Launched: October 2005
    Location: Sydney, Australia RememberTheMilk is a new ajax-rich to-do list that is similar to 37 Signal’s Ta-Da Lists. RememberTheMilk lists are organized by tabs. Items are easily entered (although there is an extra click in there that bugs me). Clicking between lists is very straightforward. Items can be easily reordered. And you can… Read More