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Blizzard says 'feedback' led to Real ID switcheroo

<img src="" />Who can forget the nonsense surrounding <a HREF="

Remembering the 2,500 page Real ID freakout on Blizzard's official forums

In loving memory of the greatest message board thread in the history of the Internet: the nearly 2,500 page monster discussing the now-rescinded plan to use real names on the Blizzard message board. M

Blizzard changes its mind, real names not required to post on forums

<img src="" />Well, well, well. <a HREF="">Blizzard</a> has announced that real names WILL NOT

Want to QQ on Blizzard's message board? Better get ready to use your real name!

<img src="" />Kudos to <a HREF="">Blizzard</a> for putting an end to Anonymous Cowards everyw