Round up: Mini notebooks

Here’s a quick look at six mini-notebooks whose main appeals are size, price and mobility. The recently launched Eee PC 1000 is available with either a 40 GB or 80 GB hard drive. Both have 2 GB of R

3K Razorbook 400 Mini-Notebook quick look

Got a chance to play with the 3K RazorBook, a tiny, Linux-powered laptop with teeny touchpad and keyboard. While this is little more than a mini-Internet device, it looks like it might be quite useful

RazorBook uses new mysterious processor, likely from the Dharma Initiative

Heard of Ingenic Semiconductor? Us either, but they’ve apparently started shipping a new processor for UMPCs called the Jz4740. They’re appearing in 3K’s new RazorBook 400 series UMP

$299 RazorBook 400 portable Internet appliance

“The day has finally arrived and the 3K RazorBook 400 is now hitting the US market. We just lowered our MSRP to $299 as part of this exciting announcement. There has been a lot of comparison fro