• RawSugar In DeadPool

    RawSugar (the site is currently down), a company with offices in Israel and Silicon Valley, is closing shop (also reported by Steve Rubel and Rafael Sidi) and will enter the TechCrunch DeadPool. RawSugar can mosts easily be described as a del.icio.us competitor. This is a company we’ve been tracking since August 2005. This is also one of the companies that I met with during my trip… Read More

  • Lunch In Israel: six startups, a VC and a blogger

    Last Sunday I attended an ad hoc tech lunch in Tel Aviv, Israel to meet six great web 2.0 startups there. Attending were founders from I4giveu, Maxthon, Raw Sugar, Spotback, Triplay and Yedda. Daniel Cohen from Gemini Israel Funds, Ouriel Ohayon (TechCrunch France author) and other tech enthusiasts were there as well. We had a great meal and a great discussion. My pictures from the event are up… Read More

  • Del.icio.us Competitors Try Paying Users

    At least two Del.icio.us competitors, Simpy and RawSugar (profiles) have begun paying users to use and promote their services. While the companies have different payment models, both pay based on traffic generated at a particular users page containing the user’s bookmarks. Simpy Otis Gospodnetic’s Simpy is allowing users to enter their Google Adsense account number and ads will… Read More

  • Group Search with Raw Sugar

    Company: Raw Sugar
    Launched: June 2005
    Location: Palo Alto, CA Overview Raw Sugar is somewhat similar to Rollyo, which we profiled yesterday. Raw Sugar basically combines del.icio.us type social bookmarking, with search (of your and other’s bookmarks, along with google results). Social Bookmarking You can save a URI found in Raw Sugar Search results, or use a bookmarklet to save any… Read More