• How Tencent’s Walled User List Ended Up Boosting Its Userbase

    How Tencent’s Walled User List Ended Up Boosting Its Userbase

    Tencent’s social blogging site, Qzone, has Asia’s largest active social network user base, with 600 million (and counting) users who log in more than twice a month. Besides Qzone, the Chinese Internet giant is perhaps better known for its flagship QQ instant messenger and the exploding WeChat smartphone messaging app. I spoke to Dowson Tong, president of Tencent’s social… Read More

  • Tencent's Q1: Profit Up 61%, Nearly $1 Billion In Revenues, 700 Million IM Users

    Tencent, a major provider of Internet and mobile services in China, this morning revealed earnings for the first quarter of 2011, reporting a better-than-expected 61 percent jump in net income. The company’s profit rose to 2.87 billion yuan (roughly $442 million), up from 1.78 billion yuan (roughly $274 million) a year earlier. Total revenues were 6,33 billion yuan (approximately… Read More

  • Chinese Government To Police Social Games

    On the Chinese Internet, “harmony” is a euphemism for censorship. Mafia games were “harmonized” over the Summer, for example, as they “embody antisocial behavior like killing, beating, looting and raping” and “gravely threaten and distort the social order and moral standards, easily putting young people under harmful influence” according to… Read More

  • Chinese Social Networks 'Virtually' Out-Earn Facebook And MySpace: A Market Analysis

    Despite China’s massively growing internet market, international giants like Google and Facebook are having trouble making gains with the 300 million Chinese online users. China’s netizens are on average very young – 66.7 % of them are younger than 29 years old and 35.2 % of them are teenagers—with social networking and entertainment applications being the most… Read More

  • China's Social Network QZone Is Big, But Is It Really The Biggest?

    Tencent, China’s largest Internet portal mostly known to us for its hugely popular instant messenger product QQ, published an updated report on the user numbers of its social networking service QZone last week. The report was only available in Chinese, but the folks over at Web2Asia were kind enough to translate it. And if the self-reported numbers are not too much of an exaggeration… Read More