With its planet-friendly protein, Farmless wants to dramatically outperform animal agriculture

Dutch startup Farmless has today announced that it has raised a €1.2 million pre-seed equity round at an undisclosed valuation to bring to our tables proteins created without the need for traditiona

Livin Farms’ investors are betting $5.8M on powdered fly larvae

In a world of climate change-fueled food shortages, insect-based proteins are being viewed as an increasingly valuable potential alternative food service. Livin Farms has put insect larvae at the cent

Solar Foods wants to replace industrial animal farming with a high-tech protein harvest

Fermentation has a long, rich history in food production, from beer and wine to yogurt and cheese, leavened bread and coffee, miso and tempeh, sauerkraut and kimchi, to name just a few of the tasty th

Miruku replacing animals with plants to create dairy proteins

Miruku is breeding and engineering plant crops to turn their cells into dairy proteins using energy from the sun.

Mealworm farming company Beta Hatch raises $10M

Last time I was in Hong Kong, a startup gave me a jar of mealworms as a snack. They were crunchy and a bit odd looking (as one might expect from a jar full of baked larvae). They really didn’t offer

What’s beyond Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods in the future of food?

The age of alternative meats is upon us.  Beyond Meat is a $5 billion public company selling burgers in Canadian McDonald’s and American Carl’s Jr., breakfast sausages in Dunkin, and even

With $90 million in funding, the Ginkgo spinoff Motif joins the fight for the future of food

Continuing its quest to become the Amazon Web Services for biomanufacturing, Ginkgo Bioworks has launched a new spinoff called Motif Ingredients with $90 million in funding to develop proteins that ca

DeepMind claims early progress in AI-based predictive protein modelling

Google-owned AI specialist, DeepMind, has claimed a “significant milestone” in being able to demonstrate the usefulness of artificial intelligence to help with the complex task of predicti

Entocycle uses larvae to fuel a more sustainable food chain

No matter how many tears are shed watching “Okja,” people are still going to eat meat—and the raising of meat is hard on the planet. Even feeding livestock and fish has an ecological cost. Soybe