power strip

  • iRemoTap: Power Strip with Built-In Wi-Fi (Video)

    Japan-based Ubiquitous has developed [JP] a power strip with a built-in Wi-Fi module. Dubbed iRemoTap, the strip allows you to do two things: you can track which of the connected devices consumes how much energy on a PC or cell phone in real-time, and you can turn on or off each of these devices remotely. Read More

  • Video: Sanwa's power strip with integrated wattage meter

    Japan-based accessory specialist Sanwa Supply hasn’t reinvented the wheel with their newest device [JP], but this power strip, which features an integrated wattage meter, doesn’t look like a bad idea. It basically helps you to keep track of the power consumption of any electronic device that’s connected to either one of its five outlets. Read More

  • Monster releases updated Outlets To Go power strip with USB port

    It’s no secret that I love my Monster Outlets To Go power strip. It’s the most used gadget in my gear bag no matter where I am. Such a simple device with so many perks like instant friendship with the hot girl waiting at your gate. It won’t get you laid, but you’ll look cool in front of the other nerds. The release isn’t very clear on how many USB ports there are… Read More

  • Power strip with USB ports = Belkin knows the way to my heart

    If ever there were a tiny gadget that could take my breath away, it’s the Mini Surge protector with USB from Belkin. And I thought my Monster Outlet to Go was awesome. This has two USB ports (just for charging) and three AC outlets. I’m getting myself one immediately. It’s only $25. You should get one, too. Product Page Read More