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  • Pictured: The (Ridiculous) BlackBerry Porsche P’9981

    Pictured: The (Ridiculous) BlackBerry Porsche P’9981

    I promise I’ll stop harping on RIM for a while, but I couldn’t resist — the BlackBerry Porsche P’9981‘s product page has gone live, and it affords us several new looks at the silliest-looking RIM device in recent memory. Read More

  • Will RIM and Porsche Design Unveil A New BlackBerry Next Week? (Update: Confirmed)

    Will RIM and Porsche Design Unveil A New BlackBerry Next Week? (Update: Confirmed)

    Here’s a noodle-scratcher to start your day off: Stuff Middle East is reporting that RIM and Porsche Design are teaming up for an event next Thursday that promises to show off an “exclusive collaboration” between the two companies. Could the rumored Porsche-styled BlackBerry finally see the light of day? Read More

  • Porsche Design P’6930 Chronograph Watch Review

    The recent designers of this Porsche Design P’6930 watch are quite lucky. Lucky in that they more or less didn’t have to do to much to make this timepiece look good. Being quite complex, this design was probably a pain to come up with properly when it was designed. The watch is based on the hard work of Porsche Design when they worked on the P’6910 Indicator Chronograph. Read More

  • Porsche Design P´6612 Dashboard Le Mans 1970 Limited Edition Watch

    While it has nothing to do with the actual theme of the watch, when I first laid eyes on this new limited edition Porsche Design P’6612 Dashboard Le Mans 1970 timepiece, I thought of something a bit kinky. You know, those lace-up on the sides leather pants, corsets, and other lingerie/bondage outfits? You know, because of that cross-stitching in red thread on the black leather strap. Then… Read More

  • Porsche Design Heritage P6530 Watch

    The ongoing stream of retro watch re-releases continues. The culprit this time is Eterna – the brand who makes all the Porsche Design watches (these days). Back with a vengeance, this watch is really suited to driving around in your DMC DeLorean. Now there is a item begging for a proper release! I heard that a company in Texas bought the rights to the DeLorean name. They make money… Read More