planned obsolescence

  • How Attackers Could Send Your Smartphone To An Early Grave Crunch Network

    How Attackers Could Send Your Smartphone To An Early Grave

    A rare genetic disorder called progeria that causes symptoms of old age to manifest in the young has been popularized in books and movies such as Jack, a film that featured Robin Williams as a boy who aged four times faster than normal, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, based on a story said to be inspired by the disorder. Researchers at NYU have published a paper showing how to… Read More

  • Hard drive design leaving XP behind

    Bad news for the XP diehards out there, hard drive manufacturers are tired of supporting you, and the next generation of controller technology is not going to work properly with DOS and Windows XP users. Of course it won’t be a major issue until 2011, and maybe not even then. Read More

  • The Futurist: Why The iPhone Reeks Of Planned Obsolescence

    To follow-up on last week’s maelstrom of anti-Appledom, my opinions regarding the iPhone have not changed: the device will eventually be pretty awesome, but paying $600 (the effective cost is closer to a solid grand when you factor in the value of the two-year contract you’ll be signing and the fact that many early adopters will likely be also fronting the bill from terminating… Read More