Photokina 2016

Camera manufacturers, you’re still missing the point. Be better.

Spotted at Photokina, the world’s largest photography trade show: A professional photographer, taking a photo, then taking a picture off the back of their camera to share the photograph on Facebook.

Hands-on with Pictar, which adds buttons and wheels to your iPhone camera

There’s no denying that your smartphone’s camera is getting better and better for every generation, but what’s a poor photography nerd to do about controllability? Miggo’s Kickstarter-funded P

Podo’s $50 Bluetooth camera makes smartphone photography fun again

After a smash-hit success crowdfunding campaign last year, Podo is back to do it all over again with the sequel to its Cruel Intentions-inspired camera. Turning any surface into an impromptu tripod wi

Fotr forces you to print every iPhone photo you take

When was the last time you printed a photo? Well, Fotr is a new iPhone app that wants to turn that trend on its head, by automatically printing every photo you take. The idea is to bring back an aspec

Polaroid’s digital camera with a built-in printer is best avoided

Polaroid's shiny new camera with a built-in Nink printer, the Snap Touch, is available on pre-sale today, although if my experiences with it at Photokina are anything to go by, it's probably not worth

PicsArt drizzles Prisma-style magic on your pics and videos

PicsArt today launched a brand new pair of apps for iOS, adding Prisma-like effects for photographs and videos to the visually stimulating toolbox that lives inside your phone. The company also launch

Ghostdrone has one-year klutz-insurance and beginner-friendly controls

Not one for the self-conscious, Ghostdrone 2.0 VR from Ehang adds a new twist to flying an UAV around. Rather than using a traditional controller, to fly the Ghostdrone VR, the user dons a headset to

Joby proves that selfie sticks can, indeed, get sillier

Whenever you see wide shots of a TV audience, you see huge contraptions with cameras on them, enabling TV folks to create fantastic swooping shots. If you want some of that in your life, Joby can help

Orangemonkie makes your Etsy and eBay photos less crap

As any Etsy seller will tell you, photography is up there with the top most important parts of your sales listing. And yet, there's a load of sellers who are great at making doo-dahs, but who post pho

To make good VR, you need good VR content. Z Cam is eager to help

Z Cam just launched its S1 camera. Aimed at the VR crowd, it captures four perfectly synchronized 4K streams for high-end 360 video recording. The company is gunning for GoPro's $15k Odyssey rig. Z Ca

With Kúla Bebe, any smartphone is a 3D camera

If you spotted the iPhone 7 Plus launch and hung your head in sadness because the dual lenses weren't for 3D photography, Kúla's new Bebe might be the solution you're looking for. The product splits

Foolography adds tech your camera should have had in the first place

With Unleashed, Foolography is launching the smartest SLR camera remote control yet. Instead of using the camera's remote control port or trying to futz about with Wi-Fi, the company chose a third opt

Hands-on with Leica Sofort instant camera

Leica, the company best known for its soul-fryingly expensive, lovingly hand-crafted high-end rangefinder cameras, recently launched the Sofort. It's a $300 Polaroid-style instant camera that aims to

Sony asserts its place at the grownups’ table with new flagship SLR camera

At the Photokina trade show, Sony launched a long-awaited followup to its aging flagship SLR camera. The Sony A99 II sports high-resolution sensors, 5-axis image stabilization, a raft of high-end vide

Launching three new cameras, Nikon plunges deep into VR and action cams

In launching its Keymission series of cameras, Nikon is bringing the fight to the doorstep of action cameras and VR camera makers. The cameras range from chest-wearable cams, borderline GoPro clones a