Phil Harrison

Here’s how Google Stadia performs depending on your internet connection

Google is introducing more about the launch of its Stadia streaming gaming service today, and VP Phil Harrison gave us performance specifics today so you can see exactly how the company thinks the ser

Phil Harrison takes the reigns at Infogrames

I don’t know Phil Harrison, but let’s face it; how well do you really know anybody? In that sprit, congratulations to my good friend Phil Harrison for being named the president of Infogram

Sony's Phil Harrison heading to Atari?

We know that Phil Harrison, head of Sony Worldwide Studios, is leaving the company but GamesIndustry is reporting that Phil is headed over to Atari to work on casual gaming for multiple outlets. It se

Sony's Phil Harrison Can't Give Away PS3

In a convoluted story involving beer, hard rock, and t-shirts, one man recounts his experience in Holland where Phil Harrison of Sony Entertainment’s Worldwide Studios stood up and tried to auct

GDC 2007 — The Keynote: Sony Gets Its Groove On

Yarg. Such a busy morning after the lackluster start of GDC 2007. Everything was going down this morning. The keynote, meetings, general shenanigans. I rushed in early to catch demos of products from