Peter Sims

  • Keen On… Peter Sims: Why Brilliant Ideas Fail + Book Giveaway

    Best selling author, TechCrunch contributor and former VC Peter Sims is making a giant wager with his stimulating new book Little Bets: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge From Small Discoveries. Sims is betting that the biggest new idea is that there aren’t really any brilliant ideas anymore – only lots of little ideas which get endlessly worked and reworked into the right idea. As… Read More

  • Little Bets, The Book

    Google, Pixar, Twitter. All of them started as side projects or experiments which only later turned into big ideas. In a world of lean startups, the mantra is to get a product out there in the hands of consumers and keep making changes until something clicks. TechCrunch contributor Peter Sims (@petersims) has a new book out hat explains why little bets are more likely to lead to big ideas… Read More

  • Is Google at Risk of Becoming the Next Microsoft?

    Is Google at Risk of Becoming the Next Microsoft?

    Editor’s note: The following guest post is by author and former venture capitalist Peter Sims. In late April, JP Morgan invited me to a “thought leaders dinner” to discuss the latest goings on in Silicon Valley and digital media. In a private room at the swanky San Francisco restaurant Kokkari, there were about 20 of us seated around a long rectangular table, including… Read More