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The Lesson of Peter Molyneux

If you pay any attention to the gaming world, it's hard not to notice the unfortunate flameout of Peter Molyneux. Once a respected figure, now synonymous with fanciful promises and untruths, his curre

God Complex: Peter Molyneux Kicks Off First Kickstarter With Project GODUS — A Grand Plan To “Recreate The Entire God Game Genre”

Legendary game designer Peter Molyneux has kicked off his first Kickstarter campaign -- with project GODUS, "an innovative reinvention of Populous". For GODUS Molyneux is continuing to work with 22can

With Curiosity, Peter Molyneux Explores Whether A Cube Can Capture The World’s Attention

Legendary game designer Peter Molyneux, creator of classics like Black & White and Fable, has taken his first foray into mobile today with Curiosity, an app for iOS and Android devices that asks t

Video: Peter Molyneux's Son Wants To Know Where Is Half-Life 3

<img src="" />This is Lucas Molyneux, famed game developer Peter Molyneux's son. In this exciting video we see Molyneux The Younge

Peter Molyneux will piss you off with Fable III info next week

<img src="" />Is Peter Molyneux the video game industry's <a HREF="