pet acoustics

  • Contest: 10 free codes for Pet Acoustics Pet Jingles app

    If you got excited reading about the Pet Acoustics app for pets, but were dismayed by the whopping $2 price tag, here’s some holiday cheer that might help your heart grow three sizes larger: we have ten codes for the Pet Jingles holiday app from Pet Acoustics! And just like Santa, we’re going to make a list, and check it twice. How do you get on that list? Click on through to find out. Read More

  • Does there need to be an app for that? Pet Acoustics, the music app for pets

    It stands to reason that a general purpose mobile computing platform, like the iPhone or iPod Touch, will engender a host of special purpose niche applications. Pet Acoustics is one such application: “Pet Acoustics music has been specifically designed for the hearing sensitivities of your pet, both in frequency, volume and rhythm to calm and soothe your pet anytime, anywhere.”… Read More