Was Anyone Still In Doubt Over LiveUniverse's Demise?

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QXL Founder Tim Jackson To Launch DVD Lending Site LendAround

<img alt="" /><a href="">Tim Jackson</a> has had a colorful career. He is a former journalist (Financial Times, Independent, Economist and Red Herring) an

Forget eBay. Use Swaptree.

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LiveUniverse Buys Another Loser: Peerflix

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Peerflix Procrastinating On Customer Refunds

As we reported yesterday, Peerflix is to close its core DVD sharing/ swapping business April 23. Since then we’ve heard reports from users who are having problems cashing out their Peeflix accou

Peerflix To Close DVD Business, Continue As Ad Seller Only

Peerflix has announced it will close its previous core DVD trading platform April 23. In an email to members (via Stowe Boyd) Dear Peerflix Member, Effective April 23, 2008 Peerflix is discontinuing t

Peerflix Hits the Replay Button (Again)—Wants to Become an Ad Network

Poor Peerflix. It can’t quite seem to figure out what business it wants to be in. The DVD trading site, which already tried to rethink its business last December, has decided that maybe an onlin

Peerflix Swaps One Problem For Another

After a year long beta period and another year of operation, Peerflix is ditching its barter model of swapping DVDs. Until today, users swapped DVDs in the Peerflix marketplace, and the company took a