• PDP's Headbanger Headset: Now Wii Call Of Duty: Black Ops Players Can Yell At Each Other Online

    To be honest, I didn’t even know there was going to be a Nintendo Wii version of Call of Duty: Black Ops, but lo and behold: a licensed headset! Yup, this is the official headset of the game on the Wii, and it’s the handiwork of PDP, one of the bigger Wii accessory designers. Read More

  • Review: DS Lite Transformers kit from PDP

    Short Version: Friends, this is the nerdiest and coolest Nintendo DS Lite case that a Transformers fan could ask for. What kid (12-year-old or 35-year-old) wouldn’t want their DS too look like Bumblebee or Megatron? Do you see the stylus that each set comes with? Pick one up for your kid or yourself. They’re only $20. Read More

  • PDP shipping Transformers Nintendo DS cases this week

    In honor of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, PDP will begin shipping Autobot and Decepticon Nintendo DS cases this week. You can pick between a Bumblebee or a Megatron case with plus a matching stylus. The bundle costs $20, but you can purchase either for $13/each. Read More

  • Unboxing: Energizer Induction Charging System for the Wii

    Energizer’s Induction Charging System for the Wii won’t hit retailers for another three weeks, but a magical fairy dropped one off at the CG office the other day. Inductive charging systems have been around for some time and chances are that you probably have an electronic toothbrush in the medicine cabinet that’s charging inductively as you read this. So it isn’t new… Read More

  • Samsung unveils svelte plasma TV line

    Samsung doesn’t care that the plasma market is quickly shrinking. Hells no. In fact, the company just announced the 850 PAVV lineup, which includes a 50- and 58-inch sets that are one inch thick. That’s thin, folks. Read More

  • Pioneer, Hitachi and Panasonic Plasmas are now Energy Star Certified

    There was a time when the term plasma TVs meant expensive and power hungry electronic, but those days are fading. Three of the largest players in the plasma world now have Energy Star Certified models which is a big feat. This means that a 42-inch PDP cannot consume more than 208 watts while on and less than a watt in standby mode. LCD were once the champion of tree-hugging hippies, but… Read More