Elephantech wants to create circuit boards that are kinder to the environment

Printed circuit boards (PCB), which perform essential functions in electronic devices, including displays and sensors, need a lot of energy to create. Moreover, traditional PCB manufacturing processes

Luminovo raises money to reduce waste in electronics manufacturing

For the $5 trillion electronics industry, electronics manufacturers, Munich-based Luminovo builds a SaaS solution that brings together the full material and production costing process. The company is

BotFactory raises $1.3 million to help you build circuit boards on your desktop

Fabricating a circuit board isn’t tough but it takes a while. The back and forth, the bugs, and all of the shipping costs can turn a small project into a big problem. That’s why Botfactory

The Ex1, A 3D Printer For PCBs, Takes To Kickstarter To Simplify Rapid Electronics Prototyping

3D printers are great if you want to print small plastic widgets. But what if you want to print something a bit smarter, like an electronic circuit board? Australia and U.S.-based startup Cartesian Co

DIY: Nikon IR remote in a Lego

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/LEGO-Nikon-IR-Remote.jpg" alt="" title="LEGO-Nikon-IR-Remote" width="275" height="267" class="alignright size-full wp-image-152647" />Her

CrunchGear in China: The Factory

This is part one of a series of four articles. Read the rest here: Getting From There To Here The Ex-Pats Shanzhai Market The driver pulled up to a small office complex in the heart of the city and be

The DIY community needs to get a clue and wake up

I came across this particular post on BoingBoing today and got kind of pissed off. A lot of DIYers are defending the 19-year-old MIT student, Star Simpson, who last week, walked into Boston’s Lo