paper jamz

  • Gibson Forces Wowwee to Pull Paper Jamz Guitars

    One of my favorite toys of the season was the Paper Jamz guitar and amp. Sadly, Gibson didn’t think it was so great and sued the manufacturer, WowWee, for infringing on their image. See, the Paper Jamz may be made of paper, but they kind of look like the Gibson, so the guitar company sued them for trademark infringement, suggesting that WowWee claimed that the guitars “looked… Read More

  • Paper Jamz Guitar Torn Down

    If you recall, Paper Jamz instruments allow kids and adults alike to play music using what amounts to a paper guitar. But how does it work? Basically you have a set of touch sensitive switches under a paper surface. To get at it, the haxors at EDN had to soak the thing in the tub for a while. Read More

  • Hands-on with WowWee Paper Jamz Guitar and Amp

    We got the chance to play with WowWee’s Paper Jamz Guitar and Amp (a drum set is also available), coming out in July. These are cool toys for budding musicians and allow you to play along to your favorite songs or play some freestyle chords. The toys have capitative surfaces, which means you can actually perform multitouch actions. There are no moving buttons except for the power switch… Read More