opera unite

  • Exclusive Video: Hands-On With Opera Unite (It Rocks)

    The web is understandably abuzz with chatter over Opera Unite, the technology platform the Norwegian software company unveiled earlier this morning. It’s an intriguing concept, and it could fundamentally change the way we think about how content is shared on the Internet. Expect this to be a source of inspiration for other browser makers, hopefully crediting Opera Software for getting… Read More

  • That Reinvention Of The Web Thing Opera Was Talking About? It's Called Opera Unite

    We told you last week that browser maker Opera was generating quite some buzz by being secretive about their plans to ‘reinvent the web’. Well, the company this morning unveiled what it was referring to: technology that essentially turns every computer running the Opera browser into a full-fledged Web server. Behold Opera Unite. You can use Opera Unite to share documents, music… Read More