opera 10

  • Opera 10 Downloaded 10 Million Times In Its First Week

    In the first week after its release and after many favorable reviews – including our own – Opera Software has announced that its revamped desktop browser has been downloaded 10 million times and is now in use by millions of users around the world. For Opera, this is a record achievement. If my own experience is anything to go by, these users are happy users. As I wrote before, Opera… Read More

  • Opera 10 Released: Its Turbo Is Fully Functional

    Since the release candidate for Opera 10 was announced last week, I’ve been testing the browser to see if it could live up to my standards (which, since I basically live and work on the Web, are pretty high) and if I’d be tempted to switch to it completely. As I mentioned in my earlier article, Opera hasn’t exactly made any dents in the desktop browser dominion of… Read More