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  • YouTube: Viral Wedding Videos Are Great For Advertising

    The conventional wisdom out there on Web video advertising is that most advertisers don’t want to risk being associated with user-generated videos (i.e., the vast bulk of videos on YouTube). It is only the professionally-produced stuff on portions of YouTube and Hulu and where the advertising dollars are going. This is the conventional wisdom because it is mostly true. But… Read More

  • IAB Reports U.S. Online Advertising Almost $5.9 Billion In The Third Quarter

    The Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers just released their quarterly report on U.S. online advertising revenues. For the quarter, they estimate online advertising revenues were almost $5.9 billion ($5.865 billion, to be exact), which is an 11 percent increase from the same quarter a year ago and a 2 percent increase from the second quarter of 2008. If you look at the… Read More