• I Love Lamp, So Do My Friends, And Who Cares?

    I Love Lamp, So Do My Friends, And Who Cares?

    This weekend, Nick Bilton of the NYT wrote an interesting piece called “Disruptions: Seeking Privacy in a Networked Age” about his experience at a recent dinner party he threw for friends. The crux of the article is that his friends used social tools to let everyone know where they were and what they were doing. This led to a few uncomfortable moments for Bilton, such as… Read More

  • Nokia's N81 sucks, Om Malik says so

    With the glaring, bright, intense exception of the iPhone, music phones have more or less been a failure. Many have tried, many have failed. In fact, it could be argued that the only reason the iPhone gets any iPod attention was because people already had iPods, ya know? But that’s a different story altogether. According to the esteemed Om Malik, that’s still the case. Om got… Read More

  • Om Malik Buys an iPhone, Sky Turns Blood Red Over Silicon Valley

    Cross now… Cross now…
    Om “The Animal” Malik just bought an iPhone. This is the same guy who said he’d never ever get an iPhone because it was… oh! It’s sooooo shiny. And has a touchscreen! Ooooh… me want! I just thought this hard-boiled pic was classic, actually. He looks like Deckert tracking down the next replicant. My iPhone Confession… Read More