• Fujitsu develops autonomous gofer robot for the office

    No pictures for this yet, but after conquering nursing homes, schools and hospitals, Japan’s robots are finally ready to get into office spaces, too. Fujitsu’s new and yet to be named gofer robot is an all-round talent, designed to be used mainly during office hours. It can move among the staff and actually gets work done as well. Read More

  • Leopard: Oki starts selling robotic chair in Japan

    I blogged Leopard, a robotic office chair, last November when it still was in prototype status. Now, more than half a year later, the chair finally went on sale in Japan. And it might find its way outside this country as well, as both Japanese companies involved in the development of the chair, office equipment maker Oki and furniture company Okamura, are active overseas. Read More

  • Leopard: Oki develops robot-powered office chair

    Oki has turned technology used in its leg-shaped robot “Robot Leg”, which was introduced in 2005, in a prototype office chair that is based on a human muscual mechanism. The so-called Leopard was jointly developed by Oki and Okamura, a Japanese furniture maker. The chair is supposed to help persons get out of the chair easily as well as sit and recline comfortably. The… Read More