They're Baaack! ElfYourself 2009 Is Now Live

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Office Max Black Friday ad looks pretty good

Office Max looks to be a good stop to add to your list, as the store will have some pretty aggressive deals on various products, including:

CrunchDeals: 24-inch monitor for $249.99

Ah, plummeting technology prices. Time was, you couldn’t get a 24-inch monitor for under $800. Now you can grab one for just under $250. Sure, it’s a Soyo, but has Soyo ever done you wrong? If not

Double CrunchDeal: 24" Widescreen LCDs, $299 Each

If you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on a gigantic 24″ monitor, now might be the time to buy. Micro Center and Office Max each have ’em, one that’s $299 after $100 rebate