• They're Baaack! ElfYourself 2009 Is Now Live

    It’s that time of year again. OfficeMax and JibJab have just launched the latest edition of ElfYourself, the massively popular website that features dancing elves you can customize to feature the faces of you and your friends. The site, which serves as a promotion for OfficeMax, has turned into an Internet phenomenon, drawing many millions of visitors a year. ElfYourself started back… Read More

  • Office Max Black Friday ad looks pretty good

    Office Max looks to be a good stop to add to your list, as the store will have some pretty aggressive deals on various products, including: Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 24-inch monitor for $249.99

    Ah, plummeting technology prices. Time was, you couldn’t get a 24-inch monitor for under $800. Now you can grab one for just under $250. Sure, it’s a Soyo, but has Soyo ever done you wrong? If not, why not give Soyo a chance? Here’s what you get if you were to walk into Office Max and buy this monitor: 24" Widescreen SXGA TFT LCD Display 1920 x 1200 Native Screen… Read More

  • Double CrunchDeal: 24" Widescreen LCDs, $299 Each

    If you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on a gigantic 24″ monitor, now might be the time to buy. Micro Center and Office Max each have ’em, one that’s $299 after $100 rebate and one that’s $299 out the door. Read More