office 14

  • Leaked Office 14 screenshots confirms love for Office 2000

    Microsoft Office used to be a solid desktop publishing suite but after every new incarnation, it gets more bloated and overbearing. The leaked screenshots of Office 14 reaffirms Microsoft’s need to reinvent the wheel in order to drum up more sales. Personally, I’m content with Office 2000 but have ascended into the cloud that is Google Documents. I don’t think there is a… Read More

  • Office 14 Alpha coming soon says Microsoft blogger

    Attention Microsoft Office¬†aficionados,¬†— all others can move on — word is that Redmond has slated November or December for the Office 14 alpha. This anouncement came down on a Microsoft employee’s blog, but the post was later pulled. (Seems to be a lot of that going around today.) Hopefully then, we can peek at Microsoft’s answer for online document editing. It better… Read More