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Get To Know The All New Nokia Windows Phone(s) In 9 Videos

<a href="">Nokia</a> this morning <a href="

Nokia Upgrades Its Augmented Reality Browser ‘Live View’

One of the minor but noteworthy things <a href="">Nokia</a> announced today at its Nokia World event in London is the release of an <a href="

Symbian to be open source in 2 years

It’s old news that Nokia bought Symbian, the software used to power many mobile phones today. The deal finally closed, and now the Symbian Foundation is officially in charge of Symbian developme

Nokia wants to help you be green

I’ve been cogitating a lot about many of the little things I learned while at Nokia World 2008. The N97 is a neato device, but Nokia has a lot more going on that merits discussion. For example,

Unlock doors with your cellphone Ever lose your hotel keycard? Ever have it get de-magnetized? Both of these are simple to resolve – just go to the front desk – but wouldn’t i

Nokia World 2008: EasyMeet tablet-friendly web conferencing Nokia is working hard to merge mobile phones with mobile computing, making it easier to access and use of the full suite of Internet resources from a variety of

Nokia World 2008: Keynote Summary

I’ve just left the Nokia World 2008 keynote, in which the new products and services were announced, like the Nokia N97, Nokia Maps, and Nokia Messaging. The presentation was interesting, and hig

Nokia Jumping Into the Email Fray, Competing Against GMail and Hotmail

Nokia is pushing hard for consolidation, looking to make their smartphones the go-to device for communication. One of the major announcements at Nokia World 2008 this year is about their Nokia Messagi

Nokia World 2008: Nokia Maps

At Nokia World 2008, Nokia announced their new Nokia Maps product.  The most compelling feature is the ability to plan your trip on your PC, and then sync the route to your Nokia phone. Also included