Get Ready For A New Platform War. Google Gears Drives Straight At Microsoft's Profits.

Google launched Gears last May, and for the first year of its release it was considered a minor, niche product that a few developers and users may take advantage of to allow offline access to web appl

The Next-Gen Web: HTML5 – Will We Ever See A Real Standard?

Last week we looked at how some browsers and plug-ins were adopting storage-related API’s that are a part of the new HTML5 draft specification. While Gears, Opera and Webkit have implemented str

Google To Launch Large Scale Geo-Services

Our sister publication Techcrunch UK noticed that a Location services API had been added to Google Gears. The developers behind Gears have been plotting out future API additions for a while, and those

The Next-Gen Web: Browser Storage Support

The next-gen web is starting to gather pace, as this week MySpace integrated Google Gears, Yahoo! announced their new BrowserPlus product and Google launched a browser-based edition of their 3D Earth