• Get The Newspaper On Your iPhone Free For A Month

    If you love newspapers but hate inky fingers and creepy delivery people, you might be interested in taking a gander at NewspaperDirect’s Website. Touting “500 newspapers from 70 countries in 37 languages,” just as they appear in print, is now available free for a month for iPhone users. “The iPhone is the perfect mobile platform for… Read More

  • Newsware: Dragging Journalists Into the 21st Century Since [Some Earlier Time]

    Actual, out-in-the-field reporters have the benefit of breathing fresh air every day. This little toolkit concept, the handiwork of Benjamin Kuhn, includes a small video camera, audio recorder and a tablet-like thing for jotting notes while out and about. The tablet doesn’t look as compact as you might expect, but its glossy design ranks right up there with the MacTab we saw earlier. Read More