Nearpod raises $21 million to turn mobile devices into a teaching tool rather than classroom distraction

Nearly 80% percent of American adults have smartphones these days, according to Pew Research. And the kids are catching up, studies from the Kaiser Family Foundation suggest. Now, an education tech st

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All children benefit from new experiences which expand their mental map of the world, but the need is especially acute for children from low-income families.

Virtual and augmented reality need a PG-13 moment

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Nearpod raises $9.2 million to help teachers use tech for live instruction

If Nearpod CEO Guido Kovalskys has his way, overhead projectors and PowerPoint presentations will never bore students again. Instead, he wants to see cutting-edge technologies and interactive content

Nearpod Gets $1.5M From NewSchools, Salesforce Exec To Bring Its Mobile “PowerPoint On Steroids” To Classrooms

The bring your own device (BYOD) movement has been sweeping through the business world, contributing to the so-called "consumerization of enterprise," as employees are increasingly bringing their own